Introducing the SunriseBot

Mobido took the general purpose ChecklistBot, and tuned it up for use in the mornings. This bot helps get your kids out the door with a minimal of fuss. We usually pair this bot with the PayBot, so our kids are rewarded for doing morning chores.

Some Background: My Old (Stressful) Morning

I started off by helicopter parenting my kids in the morning. I would do all their get-ready-for-school tasks so our house would run more smoothly. I’d put their backpacks and jackets by the front door, make sure they had socks on, comb their hair, ensure homework was in the backpack, etc. And then I realized this was taking away their opportunity to learn to be independent.

For reference, here was my morning schedule:

7:15 Wake up the kids. Give them a big hug, and tell them it’s a school day. I then leave the room to give them a few minutes to adjust.
7:20 Back into the kids room. “Hey girls… it’s time to get up! Yes, you have to get up.”
7:23 Still in the kids room. Blankets pulled off bed to encourage them. Picking out clothes for them to wear.
7:28 Finally out of bed. “Can you get your stuff ready? Backpack by the front door. Do you have your jacket? Where is it? Where’s your homework?”
7:35 Still hunting down the missing jacket. “Where are your socks? Yes, you have to wear socks.”
7:40 “Where’s Victoria? Back in her room?… Doing what?” I finally give in, and finish up collecting the things they will need for school. Yep, a little frustrated by now.
7:45 I collect all their school needs: backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, etc. and put them by the front door. Walk kids to the kitchen and sit them down for breakfast.
8:10 Announce we are leaving for school. Point them towards the front door.
8:15 After pressuring them that “we are going to be late” and helping them put their shoes and coats on, we are out the door.

The result of the above, is that I was chasing them around the house, nagging them to get their stuff done. Kids aren’t great at being managed and the mornings are time constrained, so everyone felt pressured and became stressed.

We Have A Solution: Let the SunriseBot Help

Just in case you are new to Mobido, here’s a quick primer on bots and how you use them.

For mornings, Mobido has a special SunriseBot.  This bot manages a list of chores, can act as an alarm clock in the morning, and works with a PayBot to reward your kids for doing chores.

To get started:

  1. Create a new chat
  2. Invite the SunriseBot in (Tap the top right “…”, then “Add popular bot”, then select the SunriseBot)
  3. Tap on the SunriseBot in the Whobar to open its widget

The SunriseBot widget will ask some basic questions, and based on your answers will set up the alarms, and start and stop times. In my house, we need to leave for school by 8:15 at the latest, I give my kids 20 minutes to eat breakfast, and 30 minutes to do their chores. Once you have chosen some initial times, tap the “Next” button and the bot will be set up.

Next Step: Invite your kids

  1. From within the morning chores chat, tap the “+” icon at the top right
  2. Choose the method to send your kid an invitation: email, SMS, etc.
  3. Make sure to help your kid open the message on their phone or tablet and join the chat

My New, Stressless, Mornings

Here’s my new schedule:

7:00 First SunriseBot alarm goes off (I put the phones near the kids at night so they won’t miss it)
7:15 Start alarm is sounded by the SunriseBot. I remind the kids to do their chores, and then I walk away to the kitchen to have tea.
7:45 After several warning alarms from the SunriseBot, the final alarm is sounded. I hear this on my phone too, and I go out to fetch the kids and take away the phones. We don’t want them getting distracted. I sit them down for breakfast.
8:05 I announce we are leaving for school. This gives them 10 minutes to make it 40 feet from the kitchen to the front door.
8:15 Shoes are on and we are out the door, and happy 🙂

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