How do I use a Mobido bot?

Before we talk about using bots, let’s talk about solving problems.

In the “old world”, where it was just humans and no Internet, when we wanted to solve a problem we would gather some people around.  We then talked about the problem, and each person went off and did what they were good at.  While the work was going on, we continued our conversation.  Sometimes an expert would be called in to help and then promptly leave.  And when the problem was solved, the conversation became just a memory.

Mobido works the same way. Except that the conversation happens using the Mobido chat app.  And some of the experts are bots.  Sometimes it’s just our self and a bot, and sometimes the chat is full of people and a team of bots.

Here are some examples of bots in action:

Shopping for Groceries

My family created a chat called “Grocery List” to help us with grocery shopping.  I’m in the chat, along with my wife and both kids.  We invited in a ChecklistBot which is great for keeping simple lists.  To encourage my kids to help, we also added a PayBot.  The PayBot hears the results of each days shopping, and follows rules that my wife and I created to pay the kids allowance.

The Morning Exodus (or how to get your kids to school in the morning)

Each kid in my house has their own morning chores chat, aptly named “theirname AM chores” 😉   My wife and I are in both kids chores chat.  We also invited in a SunriseBot to manage the chores, and the familiar PayBot to handle rewards.

For more examples, please read the Bot Tutorials.

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