Mobido 1.4.9 Released: Cleaner design, multiple logins, and a new ShoppingBot!

Here are the highlights of this new release:

  • Quickstart for simple sign-up. New users, after confirming their age (as required by U.S. law), are provided a Quickstart screen. On this screen they can provide a nickname, and choose an area they want help with. Mobido will then create a new chat and automatically configure it with the right bots, a new card for the person, and the bots all set up. We currently support the SunriseBot for getting kids off to school in the morning, and the ShoppingBot to help get kids involved in grocery shopping.
  • Improved chat input bar for better screen resizing. The old chat bar frequently covered up the chat message history, and even the new text being entered. We created a new, and much more space efficient, chat input bar. We also dynamically resize the different screens, including the bot widget and chat messages.
  • Cleaner themes The old rainbow color scheme for correlating bots in the WhoBar to the the bot widget area was visually jarring some users, so we added theme support (available in settings) for the new default Simple theme, and the old Pro theme. We also updated the bots at the same time to use larger font sizes, and removed much of the formatting around text input fields to give a cleaner feeling.
  • Multiple login management With the new Quickstart, users can create an account without creating a login. While this makes signup super fast, it’s still a good idea to have at least one email login. To create a new login, or manage existing ones, tap the Create new login (or you account name when you already have one) on the settings page. The new login management page will give you the status of logins, allow you to resend email verifications, and to add more logins.
  • The ShoppingBot is derived from the ChecklistBot so most of the features should be familiar. Over time, we will evolve the ShoppingBot to give suggestions of what to eat, and alternates when family members suggest less-than-healthy foods.

We hope you enjoy this release, and as always, if you have any issues or suggestions please send us an email to

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