Mobido 1.5.4 Released – So many changes!

Over the last few releases there have been many great improvements:

  • In chats, after pressing the “+” to add more people, you can now also add bots, people you have chatted with before, coaches, and also send an invite link using any sharing service on your phone (email, Facebook, texting, etc.)
  • Edit the chat title
  • Choose your persona when there are two of you in the same chat (yes, it can happen!)
  • Improved look and feel of screens
  • Quickstart for signing up – auto-creates account and logs in
  • Recommend bots/coaches at top of chat history
  • Revised “cards” to personas for easier understanding
  • When editing/creating persona, long press image to add from phone picture library
  • Much simpler and smaller chat input bar, plus ability to add picture
  • New chat input bar manages screen resizing much better
  • Setting to change notification sound handling when mute switch is set
  • And of course, many bug fixes!

We hope you enjoy this new release and want to hear what you think – please let us know at

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