Life Skill #1: Reduce Stress

Feeling stress is your bodies natural way of saying “something is wrong”. We can reduce stress by distracting ourselves from the real problems, but this relief is short-lived.

A much better strategy is to deal with the cause.

The StressBot encourages you to jot down what is stressing you out. The simple act of stepping back, and writing, instead of reacting could easily solve half the problem!

After describing the stressful situation, StressBot will find other people to give you support. Support can be as simple as them giving you a vote of sympathy, or they might offer to kindly listen to what is going on.

Mobido goes one step further: You can invite Bots into your conversation to help deal with stressful situations. The SunriseBot can help smooth out your mornings, while the ChecklistBot can ensure we don’t forget the milk while shopping.

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