Be Happy. Be Yourself.

We live in an amazing time, where digital communications connects all of us, all of the time. The resulting changes in our society, in how we interact with each other, has not been designed by a benevolent force. Instead our interactions are a mish-mash of games designed to elicit consumption for companies, and the unexpected side-effects of cool new technologies that happened to grow user engagement. This brave new world was built by us, but not really for us. In this new world, we have been conditioned to perfect our personal brand. Picture sharing apps provide filters to make our eyes bigger, smooth away our wrinkles, and make us look slimmer. Our posts on social networking sites prove to others how great we are at being parents, or how awesome our evenings with friends are. This world is perfect – we have no bad days. But we do. We need to bring back the honesty. We need to start being ourselves again. We built the Mobido app to let you be yourself. To create personas that reflect your true self, and let you gather supportive people around you. We understand that the way you act around your kids, around your parents in-law, around your co-workers, and your old college friends is probably very different and should not be intermingled.

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