We live in an amazing time. All the knowledge of the Internet is literally at our fingertips. Mobile devices give us a personalized conversation with increasingly intelligent digital assistants. And our kids are catching on faster than anyone expected – 75% of four year olds have their own mobile device.

Mobido understand the power of this change, and the opportunity to help parents navigate the challenges of raising children.

And we also realize that each family raises their children differently. Mobido is an approach. We use a combination of technology, information, and a network of people to help you take care of your family, and yourself.

With Mobido, you pick a starting approach to managing your family. And then you constantly refine it. In the end, it will be unique to your family, and the best solution for you. As part of a community, we will share the best solutions so other families can benefit from our learnings.

Mobido is an family app, an informational website, and most importantly an approach.

  • Use the app to manage your kids. Chat conversations are the foundation. Rally the right people into a chat, invite in some bots to help, and solve your problems.
  • Our website is informational, and collaborative. We provide tutorials on how to use the different bots. We review other technologies that can help your families. And we all collaborate to discover great solutions to helping our families.
  • We are an approach, and not a single solution. Pick the solutions that are best for your unique family.

We are very excited about the future of digital parenting. Join us to create a brighter tomorrow for our families.