This notice is required in the U.S. by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA).

Mobido does not require any user to provide personally identifiable information but users may decide to use such information when creating Mobido cards, taking pictures, or while using chat.

Contact Information

650B Fremont Ave #221
Los Altos, CA 94024
(650) 720-6164

What Mobido Collects

During the child account sign up process Mobido collects a birthdate, username, child’s first name, and parent’s email address. This information is not shared with the public or third parties and is used for the internal operation of the Mobido service.

Users create cards to represent themselves during chat. No personal information is required to create a card, but users can provide such information. Any information on cards is shared with other members of chats that the card is used in. Chat members may include human users and bots.

During chats users may disclose personal information in messages. Messages may include text, pictures, videos, audio, and other content types. All messages are shared with other members of the same chat.

What Bots Can Collect

Bots can view all messages and all cards within a chat. Bots can also present web pages within a chat which can collect anything a webpage can be programmed to collect using HTML and Javascript.

Bots can also request a user’s location for a period of time, limited access to the calendar on the device, and new media or existing media from the device album. Media may include a picture, video, or audio.

Parents rights to review and delete child’s information

As the child’s parent or guardian, you have the right to review or have deleted the childs personal information, and refuse to permit further collection or use of the child’s information.

To review your child’s information:
  1. Install the Mobido app
  2. Create an account using the same email as you received the Direct Notice Consent when your child signed up for Mobido
  3. In the Mobido app, tap the ‘Kids’ tab
  4. Tap the row containing the child you want to manage
  5. Tap ‘Manage Account’
  6. Tap ‘Wipe Account’ to clear out all their chat messages and cards
  7. Tap ‘Review Account’ to log in as your child to review all their activity