Mobido: A Decentralized Instant Message System with Crypto Powered Bots and Privacy Through Personas

Over the last two decades, people’s communication styles have changed dramatically. We have moved from largely email based communications to instant messaging. We are now “always on”.

Our messages have evolved from long, carefully crafted email messages, to smaller tactical, reactionary or even emotional instant messages that are sent much more frequently. We don’t “hang up” our conversation anymore; Conversations are perpetual, can be paused at any time and with no notice, and resumed days later. Instant messaging is the new medium by which we conduct our social lives and business relations.

The hugely successful messaging silos, such as Facebook®, Instagram®, SnapChat®, and Telegram®, provide rich experiences to the users, but suffer from centralization: users are beholden to the policies, agenda, and final decisions of a single organization. People feel increasingly abused by these organizations, and are hungry for change.

Mobido has developed an open-source decentralized instant message system that gives users: